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        1. Who We Are

          Classic Rock Radio is a website for rockers, by rockers. Classic Rock Radio is already connected with 80 communities located in Northern and Central British Columbia and 42 rocking communities. The release of a publication brings more connections and a wider reach. It celebrates the culture and traditions of rockers. Not only does Classic Rock Radio celebrate rock n' roll, but it also captures and shows the rich culture including celebrations like AC/DC that is unique to rock n' roll. The website contains content that varies from cultural events, important news and event happenings, entertainment, and much more! Longtime or new fans of Classic Rock Radio will love the accessibility the website will provide, most especially when you are an avid reader. It will most definitely help in providing insight and educating those who are interested in learning the culture and diversity rock n' roll has and embody. Classic Rock…

          Who We Are

          Latest News

          CBD Edibles and Music – How Can It Effect Your Daily Life

          CBD edibles and music somewhat fit together really well. It has a wide range of benefits that makes you wonder why it was just discovered recently. Here are some effects of eating CBD while listening to music:
          ● Improved sleeping time
          If you had ever struggled with insomnia, you would understand how frustrating it could be. Irregular sleep patterns, unwarranted alertness, and sometimes migraine are some effects of insomnia. CBD edibles and deep sleep …

          Vaping Facts You Should Know

          You are not alone if you have considered attempting to quit smoking. Almost seven out of ten smokers say they wanted to quit. One of the most beneficial things you could do for your body is to stop smoking. Almost every system in your body, even your heart, is harmed by smoking. As a matter of fact, smoking and secondhand smoke are responsible for nearly one-third of all cardiovascular disease fatalities. you might well be inclined to use vape shop laval to help you shift from smoking cigarettes to not smoking at all. Is it, however, healthier to use e-cigarettes …

          NBA and the Fashion Industry: Are They Connected?

          It can’t be denied that the NBA is a great influencer of sports. The great root of firm rules and reasonable uniformity are proofs that the NBA can give custom t shirts Canada with an exclusive opportunity for their present and future players, especially the players of Oakville.
          However, other sudden changes happen as years go by for the NBA, especially for their players. Now, NBA players are also great influencers of fashion. The fashion sense of NBA players is really getting attention from the fans and famous brands.
          How the NBA Got …

          Johnny Depp and Hollywood Vampires Cover ‘Heroes’ by David Bowie

          American rock group Hollywood Vampires covers David Bowie’s ‘Heroes’ with Johnny Depp on the main vocals, Alice Cooper on backing vocals, and Joe Perry on guitar. The group recorded the cover at Hans Studios in Berlin which is the same place Bowie recorded his famous hit in 1977, right near his European home, it wasn’t the largest space for recording, but they made do with the small space they had. The ‘Heroes’ cover is part of their new album ‘Rise’ which was released on June 21. The music video was shot in black and white with live footage from their tour in Europe last year.
          The latest album …

          Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow Releases ‘The Storm’

          Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow has released a new song entitled ‘The Storm’. The single was released earlier this year in May 2019; lyrics were by Blackmore’s wife, Candice Night and was sung by Ronnie Romero who was the band’s latest singer. Ronnie is a large proponent for the cbd industry and enjoys taking the medication for his pain. This is considered the latest single after 23 years since their last single, ‘Waiting for A Sign’ in 1996. The super group has years of activity and inactivity since 1975, but are still active since 2015.
          In an interview, Blackmore had mentioned that…

          ‘There Goes my Miracle’ by Bruce Springsteen

          Bruce Springsteen is a household name in the United States as his famous hit albums are about the daily struggles of being an American. Springsteen has been awarded various awards such as 20 Grammy Awards, two Golden Globes, one Academy Award, and a Tony Award which was for Springsteen on Broadway.
          Springsteen has released his latest album entitled, ‘Western Stars’ with songs such as ‘Hello Sunshine’ and ‘There Goes My Miracle’; the former emanates a pop song and came out of the 60s to 70s while the latter seemingly is the opposite with its mellow feel. The …